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In my Weakness He Is Made Strong

I am notorious for looking at my weaknesses and exploiting them, making sure others know where my faults lie. I am also a person who does not view herself in the highest regard.  I do not have the highest self esteem and I have been working on that as God has placed some wonderful people in my life that know how to speak life to me.  This isn't something new, I've struggled with it for quite a while.  HOWEVER, I grew up in the MOST encouraging and loving household where every need and most wants (I don't think I was too spoiled, but my siblings may disagree :)) were met!  My parents pointed me to Christ daily and intentionally spent quality time with me.  My siblings and I have always got along and have some of the best adult friendships that I've ever known between siblings.  My husband treats me like a Queen and always has uplifting words for me.  He speaks to my heart and loves me so very well!  In my eyes, my husband is the man God made perfectly for me and I think

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