One thing I believe I miss on a daily basis is gratitude.  With three kids age 9 and under, all in different activities, running them from place to place, I get so caught up in the mundane.  I live my life on the go and it is a challenge for me to find the time to look at the things I have been given and how completely precious my family is to me.  Any other Mommas feel this way to?  Please say it's not just me! 
Gratitude to me is when you step back and take a look at all that God has given you and you feel grateful and blessed by it all.  I want to strive for a heart of gratitude towards God for all that He has so freely placed in my care.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank Him for what He has given me, but I am not always grateful.  I chat with some of my best friends about the daily struggles of being a mom and how much work it is but also how rewarding it is at the same time.  I want my kids to know that they were created for a purpose and that I am forever grateful for their unique gifts and their impact on my life.  Some days it is a struggle just to get to the end of the day without losing my cool with at least one of them if not all three.  My prayer for today and everyday is to slow down at some point and say a prayer of gratitude to God for my kids, for their health and just for this life I live with my wonderful husband!  This family of mine means the WORLD to me and I plan on showing that in my everyday mundane routine.  Let's shake it up Mommas!  Let's give these kids and our husbands a few words of encouragement and set the example for our kids of how to show gratitude towards God for even the simplest things in life!  What in your life are you grateful for today?  How can you show your gratitude?  In what ways do you express gratitude to God for the things He has given to you and/or placed in your care?


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